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Group Overview

Group vision

A group of companies with continued significance

Kaji group’s motto is “Show significance and aim for sound prosperity.” As the word “significance” implies, our mission is to keep impressing and show significance to our customers in a sustainable way. Thus we intend to cultivate and share with our customers a value spiral created by a nexus of group companies.

As a manufacturer, we wish to be a high morale corporation capable of sustainable growth and evolution.

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A message from President

Happiness for customers and happiness for ourselves
Always learn from customers

The Kaji Group has been based in Ishikawa prefecture, a wonderful region with a great local community, since its originator, Kaji Seisakusho Co., Ltd, had been founded there in 1934. Starting with its foray into textile industry in 1935, the group has been expanding ever since and now it has seven companies including two overseas.

In machinery business, Kaji Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in Japan, also functioning as a headquarter of the group, Kaji Machinery Indonesia (KMI) and Jiangyin 4 Star Kaji Izumi Machinery Co., Ltd. (KMC) in China service local customers in industry equipment manufacturing and automobile parts processing fields in each region.

In textile business, Kaji Nylon Inc. deals with thread and yarn processing, while Kajirene Inc, and Kaji Knit Inc. does for textile manufacturing and Kaji Sewing Inc. for Sewing. All together we form a truly unique organization capable of creating added value and total production based on our know-how in textile machinery manufacturing.

We keep striving for excellence by always learning from our customers with a motto, “happiness for customers and happiness for ourselves.” We would like you to expect our sustainable, prospective future. And we really appreciate your ever-lasting support.

カジグループ 梶 政隆

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Dec. 2015
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