Kaji Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Creation from the beginning. Manufacturing with pure artisanship and deep knowledge results in customer’s satisfaction.

Company Overview

Executive Massage

Executive Massage

As our customer’s manufacturing engine, we endeavor in the following strategic fields.

1. Technical solution for textile industry
Introducing high technology to the textile industry by providing various peripheral and automated equipments.

2. Metal processing
Total production, from cold forging to machinery processing, enabling cost reduction, better quality management and
shorter delivery time. Capable of long roll/shaft processing as long as 5,300mm.

3. Global production
Running a supply chain over the Asian region with production bases in Japan, Indonesia and China.

Kaji Seisakusho is determined to keep improving productivity as well as continue providing technology and knowledge for value creation.

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Technical services for textile industry

  • Textile preparation facilities (winders, rewinders, off-loom take up units and take up winders for tapes)
  • Coating equipments (coating and sizing)
  • Equipments for small lot production (small lot wapers)
  • Equipments for labor cost and energy reduction
  • Tech-textile equipments

Metal processing services

  • Cold forging and cutting/grinding
  • Automobile parts / Loom parts / Conveyor parts
  • Long roll manufacturing (as long as 5,300mm)

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Machine Division

KS-7 Uni-sizer
A machine capable of coating, drying and winding of spun yarns and a variety of filament yarns.
A coating machine, a smaller version of KS-7.
A sectional warping machine capable of frequent style changes, variety and small lots.
SRW rewinder
A rewinding machine for large-type pirn, cheese, corn, etc. to be rewound to an optimum yarn.
KTC Creel
A creeling machine capable of steady tensioning especially designed for super fibers such as carbon fibers.
Variety of creels and peripheral equipments
We manufacture variety of creels and peripheral eqiopments handling various kinds of yarns.
We design and manufacture variety of textile machines and the other automated machines.

Processing division

Roll processing
Long roll manufacturing as long as 5,300mm.
Cold forging and cutting
Manufacturing parts in variety of materials for automobiles and motorbikes.

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