Policies on Personal Information Protection

Kaji Group (thereby called “The Group”) The Company provides policies on handling of personal information of our customers and conducts appropriate use and management of it as a group and an individual company.

Appropriate acquisition, use, provision and deposit of personal information

Acquisition, use, provision and deposit of personal information of our customers without their consent is infringement of their rights and against our business ethics. Therefore, we set and abide the rules regarding acquisition, use, provision and deposit of personal information and put it under appropriate administration.
The Group acquires minimum personal information from our customers after clarifying the purpose of use and the contact information of The Group.
The Group will not disclose personal information to a third party without prior consent of a customer, unless required by laws or legitimate reasons. In case The Group entrusts some of its business to outsourcing firms and person(s), it appropriately supervises such firms and person(s) for the protection of the personal information when they have access to the necessary information.

Prevention of loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information

The Group takes actions for appropriate information security against unauthorized access, computer virus etc., to prevent loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information and for safety control of personal information.

Compliance with relevant rules and regulations

The Group handles customer's personal information by complying with the Information Privacy Act and other relevant laws/guidelines as well as The Group’s internal rules. The Group also makes efforts to educate all the directors and employees to follow the rules.

Improvement of compliance program concerning protection of personal information

We establish the compliance program concerning the protection of personal information.
We will make sure all employees and people concerned recognize the program and maintain and improve it continuously.

Objectives and Inquiries

The Group uses personal information of our customers only for purposes specified to the customers prior to the collection. The Group from time to time provides information about its services and products to the customers by means of emails or in the form of printed materials. In case a customer does not want to receive such information, he or she can send the inquiry by an email to The Group’s customer desk, and then it will stop the correspondence. The email sent by a customer should include he following information in the body.

  1. Customer number
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Inquiry

Inquiry about the guideline and the Policies on Personal Information Protection

Email: soumu@kajigroup.co.jp

Definition of Personal Information
Personal information includes name, date of birth, age, gender, mail address, telephone number, family constitution, hobbies, tastes, email address, company name, department, company address, company telephone number, credit card number, bank account, variety of numbers and text strings attached to the customer, information on services and products bought by the customer, information about customer’s web page access, complaints, consultations and any other inquiries. By combining more than one elements from these information, one can indentify a particular individual.

1st Oct. 2010

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