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Machinery Products

Machine Division
KS-7 Uni-sizer

A machine capable of coating, drying and winding of spun yarns and a variety of filament yarns

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A coating machine, a smaller version of KS-7


A sectional warping machine capable of frequent style changes, variety and small lots

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SRW rewinder

A rewinding machine for large-type pirn, cheese, corn, etc. to be rewound to an optimum yarn

KTC Creel

A creeling machine capable of steady tensioning especially designed for super fibers such as carbon fibers

Variety of creels and peripheral equipments

We manufacture variety of creels and peripheral eqiopments handling various kinds of yarns

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We design and manufacture variety of textile machines and the other automated machines

Processing division
Roll processing

Long roll manufacturing as long as 5,300mm

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Cold forging and cutting

Manufacturing parts in variety of materials for automobiles and motorbikes

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Textile Products

Products made by processed yarns and textiles manufactured at Kaji group companies

For sportswear

High performance processed yarns with variety of functions such as water-absorbing, quick dry and cooling

For outdoorwear

Lightweight, stretching functional fabrics

For innerwear

Combination of high performance yarns and high gauge fabrics

For legwear

Processed nylon yarns for variety of applications

For computer ribbons

Top market share in the world wide market

For automobile and construction materials

Processed yarns for any specificatins

For medical materials

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Aug. 2008
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Jan. 2010
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SRW rewinder

Apr. 2005
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KTC Creel

Jun. 2010年
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