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Sectional warping machine suitable for frequent style changes, variety and small lot yet capable of large volume of regular production.
It can handle fine, super textile yarns as well as polyester and nylon yarns.

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Excellent application for frequent style changes, variety and small lots
Meeting with industry's recent trend, the sectional warping machine is capable of frequent style changes, variety and small lot yet suitable for large volume of regular productions.
Small number of creel packages required for quick style change.

User friendly operation
Integrated operation panel, OK monitor, PC controller and sequencer offer easy operation.
"OK monitor" informs you of running conditions, trouble etc.
All information needed during warping process to provide confidence in the operation.

Saving process time
Save 30 to 40% process time from creel preparation to completion of Tricot beam.

Reduce package inventory and save space
Using regular size package and less number of package for creel saves storage space and makes inventory control easier.
Saving 40 to 50% space.

Reduce labor cost
Creel drum is detachable from sectional warping machine allowing for the next warping process immediately.
One operator can complete all processes.

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Jan. 2010
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